The new trend, « forest bath » or Shinrin-yoku …

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Cheap as a practice !

You think this is a joke, but it isn’t, we will tell you why a walk in the fresh air can have incredible benefits to your health.

The « sylvotherapy », takes its name from the Latin word SILVA which means forest. This is a Japanese technique, born in the 80s, it says that walking in nature is the best way to recover significant benefits for our body but also for our mind.

Stress & its derivatives decrease

You probably don’t know it, but the stress hormone is called cortisol. Very serious studies have been conducted, they demonstrate that cortisol decreases when you are in contact with nature, amidst the trees and plants.

Least microbes in ambient air

Normal, you will say, the air is richer amid groves than in Paris or New York and you are right !.

A buildup of essential oils

Curiously, because we do not think about it, but plants release beneficial scents for our whole defensive systemelease


The approach of environment is essential. We have to know how to get the best of what the atmosphere can provide to us.

To « communicate » with the tree and its best vibrations, you must, first, touch it with your fingers to feel all its rough edges, then surround it with both arms puting your body against the trunk for one, two minutes or more, during this break, breathe the aroma of wood in its natural element.

Disease protection

Serious diseases « could » be avoided if we were used to breathe the air, the smells, to hear the sounds, the wind, the birds singing. It seems that this is especially true for breathing, cardiovascular and even mental problems.

Professor Ming Kuo’s revelations

Ms. Kuo Ming of the « American Institute Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences » has identified different points in an interesting list of gifts nature gives us, here are a few of them:

Blood pressure is weakening by promoting healthy immune function.
Depression subsides.
The decrease nervousness is real.
The reduction of risk factors in certain diseases is recognized.
The relaxation of body and mind is established.

Association with meditation

Practicing together sylvotherapy and meditation will give you zen and wellness for a good health. Indeed, meditation is a stop inside yourself in order to accept your thoughts without a judgment, do this while walking into the forest can only bring an attractive feeling for your soul and body.

We believe it !

You think you need to subscribe to this kind of practice to make it work ?, … well, no. This technique works well only if you have no a priori, which is the case with young children who are quieter after a walk in the woods.

Through this dynamic, four of our senses are stimulated: « hearing, sight, touch and smell ». (Although nothing prevents you to associate « the taste » if you know anything about plants).


It is remarkable to realize how these « health walks » can be beneficial, don’t forget it !.

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