My business card, who am I ?


My business card, who am I ?
My business card, who am I ? All rights reserved M.LALLEE-LENDERS


My business card, who am I ?

After working on  Air France flights as a purser, the author turned to writing. Her first journalistic experience was for the metaverse Second Life. she was a freelance journalist on Suite101, XVIIIth century specialist, now, she is copywriter on Redactiweb, Mezigo & on the net.

As you can see, her tastes are diverse and varied because her interest in the world is constantly in alert, but she demands a certain freedom of « her » prose on this blog. she also claims the eclecticism which reigns here which she loves.
Here is a melting pot of subjects dear to her heart.

Welcome to her world …

Some of her publications in the press 

January 2013: The EXPRESS (French magazine)

Freemasonry in the eighteenth century

March 2013: The EXPRESS

The colunching or how to fill out your address book!

Golden Blog awards Paris 2013

Her cult sentence Drauzio Varella, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2011

In today’s world, we invest five times more money on drugs for male virility and silicone breasts of women than to cure Alzheimer’s disease. In some years, we’ll have women with big breasts and the old men with hard cock, but none of them will remember what it is!

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