A deal ?

A deal
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A deal ?

For writing on the web, you have to be passionate, with a real wish to put the right words at the right place on your paper, in order to interest your readers, it is a question of respect towards them and yourself.


What is more interesting than to share with others an opinion or feelings about everything, you discuss and you give a new sense or another direction about the subject treated These exchanges are an inexhaustible source of knowledge which the reader as well as the editor sometimes do not realize.


Through an enormous amount of researches that require the availability and personal commitment. Yet the player is not aware of the intellectual activity provided. It is true that he is in not involved in the design and implementation, he is only interested in the topic which is quite normal.

« The Job »

Web journalist freelancing write articles ordered by people who trust him for his knowledge of the job. His texts will then appear on a foreign site, but he also writes in his personal blog. The difference is, as it is said trivially, a question of money !. In the first case, he is paid, in the second, he does it for fun, because he loves writing and is curious about everything around him, an essential quality for a writer.

Something more

There is also the idea of writing a book. In this case, to show to the public an E-book worthy of the name, (ie very professional) you must write and take pics what I am trying to do since I am preparing an e-book on weight stabilization after a diet. But I will also appeal to a specialist who will fit my work and it will not be free of course ! ..

Why not?

So the idea is simple, a bit unusual, I know … although already very popular in some countries. You pay at the newsstand, you pay at the bookseller, you pay a reporter to whom you are asking for a text and to design my E-book, I shalll pay. So I wonder if it is so surprising to ask you to help me for this project and to read my articles in the press eclectic web « Gone with the press »?

So what ?

What is sure is that YOU decide… You have the choice to support me or not, but I must confess, I would appreciate if you accept to help me with a small contribution. The Paypal button here is just for those who are interested. Whatever your decision is, I will continue to write with happiness and share with you with great pleasure and this is a deal !.

By the way, does this article teach something new ?

& please, do not forget… Enjoy !

To see more… follow this link https://www.autantenemportelapresse.fr



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